I Speak Architect: Why Working Closely With Project Professionals Ensures a Great Design Outcome

By Eve's Creations |

Interior Design Littleton CO

Your interior design project is going to run much more smoothly when all the professionals involved understand each other and can collaborate well.

Besides being skilled at understanding contractors, I also speak the language of another important member of your design team: the architect. Architects are responsible for planning the structure of the building and designing the way the space will flow. A good architect combines engineering and art to produce a house or other building that works well for the people who will be using it and is visually pleasing.

The Importance of Collaboration

I want those same things for my clients: Effective and enjoyable spaces for living and working. So I make sure to be available at the initial stages of a project to work with the architect, beginning to plan what interior design elements like lighting, flooring, wall treatments and furnishing will best work in the available space. The builder or contractor is an important voice in the discussion as well; he or she can make sure the space can be constructed as planned without significant delays or issues.

Any time the professionals working on your home or commercial space can come together early in the project and discuss options together, the better the results will be for you, the client who has to live with what we create. Working through the initial design phase together helps us come up with amazing ideas that play off each other’s areas of expertise to produce the best possible finished room or building.

When we’re all on the same page regarding your budget, the size of the finished space and what it will be used for, you win!

How My Fluency in ‘Architect-Speak’ Helps You

Knowing how an architect thinks and being able to help translate that into the real world makes me a valuable addition to the team. What’s more, I can communicate with you and make sure your expectations are being met — and that a fair helping of magic is included to make the result just what you’ve dreamed about.

I can also serve as an intermediary between architect and contractor to make sure the ideas that originate in the architect’s mind can be executed perfectly by the build team. That helps the project run as it should and prevents major delays that can result from miscommunication.

Why Trusted Partnerships Are So Important

There are many good interior designers out there. What makes a great one is the ability to form partnerships — both with you, the client, and with the other professionals who will be making the project come to life. I am skilled at interacting with both sides and that ensures that communication is stronger and more solid. (And by the way, I’ve never seen a project that had too much communication—it’s the most vital key to getting the job done right!)

My professional demeanor, extensive background and continued learning in the interior design field, and expertise to interact with the other professionals on the job get results. When you work with me, you will know that you can trust me to work with others and get the job done right, just like you want it. When you hire a designer like me who has a lot of experience in the industry, contacts who can help if a tricky situation or problem comes up and solid knowledge of how the other major players (architect and builder) in the project think, you’re much more likely to be thrilled with your finished room, home, or commercial space. The idea or concept you had in your head will be translated properly and you’ll be able to enjoy a wonderful, livable reality that matches your dreams for your home or business.