Where does my Inspiration Come From?

By Eve's Creations |

Interior Design Littleton CO

As a designer, clients, friends, and family often ask where I find my inspiration for my interior designs. It can be hard to pinpoint the exact origin of an idea or inspiration sometimes, but I do know what my major influences are as an designer and these things often shape my designs.

For one, I am constantly in awe by the beauty of our natural world. All around us every day there are great inspirations and designs that occur naturally in the world. Examples of this beauty are everywhere, sunsets and sunrise, the symmetry of a spider’s web or the rings of a tree. Incorporating natural elements into design is a great look and a great challenge. Finding the right balance of natural versus manufactured can be difficult, but ultimately this balance is fine-tuned and assessed by the desires of my clients.

The natural world is full of patterns and colors that are as simple as black and white and as complex as multi-color rainbow. Even with the amount of variation present in nature it doesn’t feel too chaotic. Everything has a place seemingly. This inspires me to bring natural elements into my designs. It pushes me to think outside the walls of a house or room.

The organization of color and light has always been impressive to me, and that is why the fine arts also inspire me. I am inspired by my fellow designers and artists who seek to create something where once there was nothing.

Seeing how people navigate color and space and light is a constant motivation and inspiration for me. Bringing elements of fine art into my interior designs give them a unique flavor and look. I believe that bringing concepts from fine art into interior design adds an air of elegance to anything. The most important thing is getting the look right for the client.

It should come as no surprise to learn that I am deeply influenced and inspired by history, especially when it comes to the history of design and architecture. There are a ton of different design styles throughout the ages that look fantastic. I try to incorporate elements of historical design into my ideas. I think this gives a room a uniquely new but still familiar atmosphere.

Like any designer I am constantly finding inspiration in the work of my contemporaries and predecessors. I think it is very important to be aware of the history of a look, or the historical thought process behind designing something a certain way. How can you ever perfect or better the processes and forms of the past if you do not know your history about them?

My main inspiration though, at the end of the day, will always be my clients. They are the ones who constantly push me to better myself and my designs.

I love delving into the specific design needs for my clients and coming up with creative solutions with the resources we have to work with. This is my greatest inspiration as a designer. By working closely with my clients and striving to meet all of their needs, I am able to push myself to come up with new solutions to problems, find new resources, find new suppliers, and ultimately come up with new designs that are specific to their unique visions.

Meeting the needs of my clients is my primary motivator and inspiration. Without my clients I would not have had all of the wonderful opportunities I have had to explore interior design, and by meeting their visions and needs I am able to see my designs come to life.