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Your home should tell a story. Yours.

But in a world of infinite possibility—where an empty room seems to have endless potential—how can you make sure that story gets told?

Well, you always could do it yourself.

Once you get started, however, you’ll likely realize that decorating your space is even more work than you first thought. Furnishings. Art. Paint. Décor. All in a seemingly unending parade of colors and styles. Enter Eve’s Creations. We can help you decorate to suit your tastes—even if you don’t yet know what those tastes are—in a way that’s both beautiful and practical.

Colors, patterns, textures, styles, size—all of these and more can impact the way your room feels. Get it right and your house will feel like a home. Get it wrong and…Well, when you choose Eve’s Creations to decorate your home, we guarantee we won’t get it wrong.

Tips on Working with an Interior Decorator

If you are like many homeowners who haven’t ever worked with an interior designer or decorator, you may be confused about the titles and what they mean. It isn’t unusual for people to use the terms interchangeably, but an interior decorator doesn’t participate in the “design” process.

In other words, if you want someone to design a home or the rooms in it, that’s an interior designer. If you’re looking for someone who has access to fabrics, accessories, and furnishings that you couldn’t find on your own, then an interior decorator is what you’re after.

Here are some tips on how to successfully work with an interior decorator.

Be open-minded

Let your interior decorator take advantage of every available resource when she’s looking for furniture, accent pieces, drapes, curtains or décor for your home. Don’t discount the possibilities of flea markets, big box stores or other retail or wholesale suppliers that your decorator regularly uses.

Trust your decorator’s instincts

When you see swatches of fabric or other material samples that your decorator brings to your home to show you their vision, don’t automatically say no to what you might consider “unusual” color or pattern combinations. You may not be able to visualize the whole picture, but a decorator knows how to put things together in a way that will create a warm and inviting environment.

Keep the lines of communication open

Communication is key when you work with an interior decorator. Talk to your decorator about the way you use the rooms in your home, and feel free to share likes and dislikes.

The initial visit is especially important, as that’s the time when most decorators get a feel for their clients’ design tastes, color preferences, budget constraints, and other needs or concerns. Don’t be afraid to be honest. You deserve to get your money’s worth, and your decorator wants you to love your space.

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