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    Eve Treschitta has exquisite taste. Eve took our vision for an eclectic Mediterranean home and made it real from the most minute detail to the grand scheme. Everything fits together and complements each other beautifully. We definitely benefitted from her extensive experience in Design. Now that we are living in our house and loving it, there is nothing we would change, and we are very grateful for that. We could not have built and designed our house without her!

    Susan & Ted Pinkowitz
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    We have been working with Eve's Creations on a "refresh" of our home that was built in 2000. We used Eve at Eve's Creations to assist us in this endeavor which included paint, floor refinish, furniture selection, countertop selection, tile etc. The final product has made our house feel like brand new! Eve is great at recommending products that are "quiet" (as she describes them) so that that the accessories can "talk" and also be changed out as time passes. Accessories are much easier and less expensive to rotate when compared to furniture and remodeling endeavors. We are grateful to Eve and her team for making our 16 year old house feel like a new home!
    Kristin Janicek
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    Eve is amazing at what she does. A true professional with exquisite taste; she guided us through our new build every step of the way. We worked extensively with her picking out every detail and finish in the house from baseboards, trim, doors, handles, plumbing, appliances, layout, color, lights, knobs, etc. I know I'm missing parts, but you get the idea - everything! Every finish in our house has her touch. She's experienced and guided us in making our house exactly how we envisioned it. If she did not agree with a direction we were headed, she'd very diplomatically let us know and gave us a different solution. All the while, she wanted to make sure she was not "overstepping" but that's exactly what we wanted - someone who would guide us and give us their design expertise. She was also very aware of budget and would give different priced solutions to help stay within budget. She'd help us manage the budget by telling us where she thought we'd get the most mileage with our money. She's such a professional and her use of design and color is amazing. I love the house she helped us build and would use her again, in a heartbeat, for any future projects. I could not recommend her enough!

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    We just finishing furnishing our new house and Eve has been with us since the planning stages. There are literally thousands of decisions to make when building a house and there is no way we would have enjoyed this process without her. She was critical in every step from providing insight on the plans to helping with the finishing touches like art and accessories. She has a keen sense of what her clients will and won't like and pays close attention to their budget as well. I highly recommend her services.
    Megan Carrington
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    Eve artistically blends sophistication and functionality into an end product far beyond anything we envisioned, she is simply the best! Beyond her gift for all things building/design related, Eve and her team are extremely fun to work with which made the experience truly memorable! The moment you become a client, Eve pours all her time, attention and passion into taking your project from sketches to reality. She guides you through each selection in a timely fashion with the highest attention to detail, budget and the client's preferences. She takes the responsibility of building your dream home - the place where you will create a lifetime of memories - very seriously and focuses on even the smallest of details as though it were her future home. Eve became an extension of our family throughout the project and we look forward to working with her again!
    Lindsay Bernum
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    It was a pleasure working with Eve's Creations throughout the designing and decorating of our home. Eve provided a very detailed project plan and budget which was our "go to guide" during the process. She always presented us with numerous options while having price and quality in the forefront. Eve and her staff managed the project at all times, exhibiting strong communication skills throughout every detail. Working with Eve's Creations was nothing but a positive experience and we would highly recommend them to create your house into a home.
    Kathy MacKinnon
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    I had spaces on my main floor that I needed help with getting just the right look and feel. After several attempts on my own, I finally got it right with Eve's help. I love it all! Finally!

    Colleen Kessenich
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    Eve worked with us in the development and design of our dream home. We worked with Eve for 2 years in this process initially starting remotely from our home in New York City before we moved to Denver. Eve was essential in working with the builder throughout the entire project, is organized and easy to communicate with, and most importantly, walked us through the entire building and design process. It was not a stressful process, because she is such a pro at what she does.

    Eve takes her work and clients to heart. She cares deeply about her clients and their homes. She protects your project, like it is her own home. We asked her to keep an eye on the budget. She took that responsibility very seriously. We talked about money and what things cost in every meeting so ultimately there were no surprises.

    Eve spent the time getting to know both our family and our style. She was able to interpret what we needed, and make it a reality. What we love most is that our house doesn't look like every other client she has worked with - it's unique to us and includes the details that she heard were important to us. As busy parents of four children, we really appreciated Eve’s expertise. We love our home. It is beautiful and well thought out. We could have never done this project without Eve’s help. We highly recommend Eve’s Creations.

    Sarah Raphaely
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    Working with Eve’s Creations has been a great experience; we’ve had the pleasure of working on numerous projects together over the years. Eve listens to clients’ needs and has a tremendous amount of experience in space planning, construction and finish selections all leading to an efficient, professional project. She has an innate ability to pair clients with their own unique design styles. We would highly recommend working with her and the vendors and tradespeople on her team.
    Thurston Kitchen + Bath
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    I’ve been fortunate to know Eve as a friend and also through our professional business relationship in the same industry. I can say with confidence that Eve is a fantastic person, a consummate professional and someone who has taught me a lot about her process and methodology and has enhanced my abilities to do my job better. I am constantly referring Eve to those I care about, other builders, customers, acquaintances, and I look forward to many more jobs working together with Eve!!
    Patriot Constructors
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    We've worked on most of Eve's projects since 2012, and I can say that she has excellent taste in art and pays great attention to detail throughout every project. Eve is professional, knows what to do and gets it done correctly. Eve's clients love working with her and they love the work she produces for them.
    City Frames
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    As architects, we truly enjoy working on projects with Eve. We have witnessed how she is able to transform her clients' visions into thoughtful, beautiful and vibrant spaces, all with the utmost of professionalism. With careful listening, she is able to ensure that her designs are not only high quality, but also reflect the homeowner's values, vision and needs.

    Her client services are further bolstered by her extensive experience in the architectural design and construction processes. This unique insight allows her to provide her clients with architectural materials selection guidance, such as doors, windows, cabinetry and finishes, in addition to furnishings and window treatments, creating a cohesive sensibility that deftly integrates a home's architecture with its interior design into a single design vision.

    In our experience, she has been a positive and collaborative voice. We always feel confident our clients are in good hands with Eve, and we will continue to recommend her.

    HQ Architects
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    I have worked with Eve and her team on several high end custom homes. Working with her to bring her clients dreams and desires to life has been fun as well as challenging. Eve has a very good eye for detail and design and works very hard at making her clients happy and i look forward to working with Eve on future projects. I would not hesitate to refer Eve for any and all design work
    Inside Trim Co Inc.
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    We have worked with Eve's Creations on a number of projects in recent years and our projects are the better for it. Architecture is never fully realized without great interior design. Eve provides that essential component. She is talented, professional, and - as a bonus - fun to work with. We highly recommend Eve's Creations.

    Michael Knorr Architect