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There’s a simple reason construction management exists as a discipline: because perhaps the most intimidating part of a home build is simply the scale of the task. Interior Designers, decorators and countless contractors need to come together like a symphony; everyone has a part to play to keep the “music” that is your build from sounding like chaotic noise.

But the reality is that, with the sheer number of people and companies needed to make your dream home come together, if you proceed without a construction manager you’re asking for disaster. That’s why Eve’s Creations offers construction management as a service to clients. We have years of experience overseeing dozens of home builds, making sure that everything happens on-time and on-budget.

Permits. Contractor bids. Material orders. Site inspections. Contractor and subcontractor assignments… The number of things to do when building your home can make your head spin.’ But it doesn’t have to. Choose Eve’s Creations and you can rest assured that everything will go as planned.

What to Look for in a Construction Management Consultant

Whether you are working on remodeling an older home or trying to create the ultimate interior on a custom home you’re building, it’s a certainty that the construction project will face obstacles and uncertainties.

The best solution for controlling those setbacks? Hiring a construction consultant— working with a good one is the easiest way to ensure that every phase of your project progresses smoothly.

But what goes into good construction management? The person you’re considering hiring should be able to…

Communicate well

Your construction management consultant acts as a liaison between you and all the contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers and other people involved in the project. Don’t hire someone who can’t easily go back and forth between you.

Deal with obstacles

Construction management is about dealing with the inevitable problems that are likely to crop up, especially with the unpredictable nature of Colorado weather.

Find solutions

A good construction management consultant should be adept at figuring out ways to solve problems when setbacks do occur. For example, if materials are delayed, your construction manager needs to find a way around the setback. Or if weather causes a delay on outdoor work, a good construction manager will know how to shift gears and focus on indoor tasks.

Build and run a strong team

The success of any construction and building project depends on whether the workers can embrace the spirit of teamwork and to come together for a common goal.

Think of a construction management consultant as the glue that holds the project together during the building phase. Her job is to make sure that regardless of the complexity of the project, the work stays on course and is completed on time—and that everyone involved in the total job is committed to sticking to the budget.

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