By Eve's Creations |

Eve is amazing at what she does. A true professional with exquisite taste; she guided us through our new build every step of the way. We worked extensively with her picking out every detail and finish in the house from baseboards, trim, doors, handles, plumbing, appliances, layout, color, lights, knobs, etc. I know I'm missing parts, but you get the idea - everything! Every finish in our house has her touch. She's experienced and guided us in making our house exactly how we envisioned it. If she did not agree with a direction we were headed, she'd very diplomatically let us know and gave us a different solution. All the while, she wanted to make sure she was not "overstepping" but that's exactly what we wanted - someone who would guide us and give us their design expertise. She was also very aware of budget and would give different priced solutions to help stay within budget. She'd help us manage the budget by telling us where she thought we'd get the most mileage with our money. She's such a professional and her use of design and color is amazing. I love the house she helped us build and would use her again, in a heartbeat, for any future projects. I could not recommend her enough!